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@mapuang (612)
April 20, 2010 7:05am CST
hi everyone, its election time here in our country. of course you will some candidates promise this and promise that, they will go out and you will see their faces anywhere. speaking of that faces of course in campaign they will post their picture (vote ME for president etc.) its alright if their campaign material is tarpaulin or in sack you can use it after the election but the worst scenario is the paper or lets say they paste the paper in the wall which is really hard to remove it. my question is this did this candidates can clean or can remove those campaign materials that they post after the election? did you hear any candidates before that clean or remove their campaign poster? if i meet some candidates and if they allow me to ask them a questions this is the first question i want to ask them. how about you do you think this candidates can remove their ads after the election?
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