favorite food with favorite drinks?

April 20, 2010 7:06am CST
If you are eating your favorite food, what kind of drinks do you usually take to go with it? If I am eating my favorite pasta, I usually drink iced tea with it. If I am eating my favorite spicy food, I would rather drink Pepsi with it. If I am eating my favorite sweets like leche flan, I would like to partner it with hot black coffee. Wow! this makes my mouth water just thinking about this...
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• Philippines
1 May 10
My favorite dish is "kare-kare". That is a native food. A Filipino food. I love the rich peanut butter sauce with bagoong. I prefer to partner it with soda only. Yummy!
@laurahen (596)
• Canada
26 Apr 10
If i'm eating my favorite kind of food i normally like to drink water with it. I wouldn't want to drink pop or juice because it would give me more calories. I don't try to loose weight. They only thing I like to drink other then water is milk when I eat chocolate cake. I taste wonderful together and water is not rich enough to have by itself.
• United States
23 Apr 10
I am addicted to ice tea, i drink it w/most emost everything i eat even breakfast. Every great once in awhile i will drink DIET COKE W/SOMETHING.
• India
20 Apr 10
My favorite food is Pizza and the best accompanies drinks are coke and Pepsi. Though these foods are said as junk as it has no nutrition value, it gives me pleasure to have it once in a month.
@ada8may21 (2419)
• Philippines
20 Apr 10
For every food that I would like to eat I am just looking for any available drinks they have. As much as possible I would like to go for any fruit shake. But my favorite drinks is four season juice. So any food I have I would like to have four season with it. As long it is available.
@shello (964)
• United Arab Emirates
20 Apr 10
One of my favorite is the Marry Brown's chicken. I certainly love it matched with the hot gravy. When ask with the drink, then coke would be perfect. Within a normal week, I usually went to Marry Brown thrice a week to eat my fave chicken. LOL!
• Philippines
20 Apr 10
These food you've mentioned are mouth-watering. I'm not really conscious on what drink to partner with these types of food. But what I usually drink with them are iced tea or coke.hehe. happy mylotting!