how many times do u go piss?

@vishkris (205)
April 20, 2010 10:58am CST
i know this topic is a very dirty topic but jus for time being..jus like a time pass lets share? how mant times do u spend u r time in restroom...i go to 2 bathroom once a day n piss for 2 hour once/... what abt u?
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@busybee10 (3192)
• India
20 Apr 10
Good - I really appreciate your daring thoughts in framing such discussion. People hesitate or feel shy in sharing such things.It is related to health. I came across even people feel shy to piss while on journey even in short distances. More number of pissing really concerned bad health but average pissing is a must for every human being . This is natural which you cannot stop. I am habituated to piss whenever I feel the sensation.I find out a place and relax myself. I do not hesitate in this regard.