"Cool Off" - What Does it Really Mean?

@elleb0418 (1107)
April 20, 2010 7:52pm CST
letting go - A photo of a girl looking at the sea,maybe thinking for someone,then I edited it and put what oprah's view about letting go
I remember that day when I heard a co-worker telling us that me and my bf decided to have "cool off" and Im dating another guy now.I told her, what?you just had to call it cool off but still you can be together again right? then why are you dating another guy? She replied, hey girl that's why i told you "cool off". I sat down thinking what does cool off really mean? Suddenly I saw a dictionary I look the meaning of it and it means--feel less enamoured of something or somebody.I paused- less enamoured: meaning less affection, but still love is there,even though the intensity is degrade. And so I told my self so it's not similar of breaking up right? Im not really sure.Well I have my won conception about "cool off".When you say "cool off" you and your partner spend sometime of contemplating your emotions or actions.If there is a problem in the relationship you contemplate and analyze the situation. You don't really flirt,because you still love the person,you just spend sometime alone,so that you guys can think and talk and can decide what to do.If it come to the point that you cannot patch up the situation anymore,then maybe that's the time to break up. That's only in my own opinion.How about you guys? Can you share your ideas.What does word "cool off" mean to you?