Is it a cheap business trick of Lockerz?

April 20, 2010 9:02pm CST
Wow! Lockerz giving away double PTZ for members!! I'm a zlist and so I can get 8 PTZ per video! I'm wondering why Lockerz is giving away such amount of PTZ when they'r always out of stock. I think all Lockerz gives away in a month will be some ten or two iPods,1 mac and now may be one 1 pad and few DVDs. I think the double ptz give away is just a trick. So that more and more people will get high PTZ and try more to get into redemption and once redemption starts there will be massive traffic to the website making the website slower. So Lockerz can easilt open the PTZ place for one hour and only few people can order something. And others will get fooled thinking 'Oh there was too many users logging in so I was not able to redeem!!' and also 'I'll try next time' This just my doubt. What do you think?
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