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United States
April 20, 2010 11:22pm CST
More and more people nowadays are using wireless devices to communicate with each other. As technology advances more and more people are owning cell phones, pda's, you name it so they can talk to each other. As the years go by younger people and children are having cell phones as well. For example I would take the public transportation to school or even to go somewhere and especially during school time I see more and more students just texting and on there wireless devices and what gets worse is sometimes they text each other and they are sitting right next to each other! As time passes we aren't communicating with our voices and having simple conversations with our family and friends but we are communicating with technology and speaking through that. I could tell you this if technology moves as fast as its going within 5 or 10 years more and more people won't be speaking with one another but rather speaking through technology with one another. Which means we aren't really communicating with one another we are really technologically communicating with each other. Remember the movie Pleasantville where the two teens go into the show and everyone is all happy and talking to one another. They don't have cell phones or any type of technology to distract them from one another and they are as happy as ever can be. Well what happened to that reality when we could hold a conversation with one another and be like "How are you doing today?, How was your day? Tell me about it" Instead we communicate via text message or via social networking exchange. Here are what some teens would text to one another. "Hey what's up? Nothing much sitting next to you in class this teacher is boring" That just shows you that in reality people whether young or mature that do use technology that its gotten to a point were we are sitting next to each other and texting each other. How sad is that? If people put down their cell phone, pda, wireless device and just spend some time communicating with their mouths rather than through a wireless device we can actually be like the actors in Pleasantville. People tell me your thoughts on this. Do you agree cell phones and electronic devices are destroying verbal communication. Please comment. Thanks.
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