How to report companies that pay below minimum wage?

April 21, 2010 1:13pm CST
There are still some companies, mostly small family-owned businesses, nowadays that pay below minimum wage. I have encountered being interviewed by a few small family-owned businesses that say they pay below minimum wage but I didn't work for them. However, some people, mainly immigrants that come to the country, will do work for companies even if their wage is below the state requirement, and they won't report the companies because they need the money and job. And some are even scared to report these companies because the companies have their personal information on file with them and they are scared the companies will do something bad to them. That's why there are federal laws and state laws in place in our country. It's to prevent these companies from paying unfair wages to their workers and to prevent us from turning into a cheap labor country. I hate companies that do that. They should be reported to the government and they should pay a huge fine for that for supporting cheap labor in our country. Companies that do that should be ashamed of themselves. If you know that certain companies do that and you work for them or you don't work for them, how do you report them and where do you report them to.
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• United States
21 Apr 10
There are special rules for small business and agricultural type business that are not required to pay by the minimum wage standard in the US. Not sure if that is the same in your country or not. If you are working for a company that you feel is not paying by the standards then you should go the local county offices. They will direct you to the right place for wages to help you out.