Facebook becomes a routine

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@mimiang (3777)
April 21, 2010 2:50pm CST
I notice that checking on the facebook has become a routine. It seems that it is not just a fad. People check on what they friends has input for a day and talked about it with coworkers, family or friends. It has become a normal norm of people even in the executive levels.
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@basqui (3890)
• Philippines
22 Apr 10
You're right, Facebook is not like friendster before that almost all users are teens only. Now facebook has been used by professionals even and also businesses. I guess that this social site is more professional looking than friendster which is hip in style so almost teens and non-business are using it.
• Philippines
21 Apr 10
Hello mimang, Just like you checking news updates from facebook has become part of my routine. Every morning, I would check the news feeds, see the recent posts and enjoy reading my friend's status or comments. I would even comment sometimes. Not only that I also enjoy watching videos if a friend shares it or looking at photo if a friend shares it too. Its good that I get to see my old friends even if in pictures only. I get updated with their lives, with how they look, if they have family now, etc. Aside from that playing facebook games has become my routine too. Checking my crops, harvesting it, plowing the land, planting seeds, and cooking food and serving food at my cafe has been my daily routine. Have fun mylotting and FBing.
@minhaj09 (238)
• Bangladesh
21 Apr 10
yeah.. i also do agree wid u. i actually log in my f/b a/c for previewing my frnds activities.. i guess, i spend minimum 15 minutes for f/b daily. hereby, it seems to b a routine for me! i even don't think of its productivity or unproductivity..!
@Tangeryne (413)
• India
21 Apr 10
hey mimiang..i so agree with that. same is the case with me. i love reading the statuses that my friends put up on facebook each time. it's a nice way to know what happening in your friends' life especially if you don't meet them often or if they are in another place or country. its a nice way of connecting.
@Fertogo (43)
• United States
21 Apr 10
you're right I don't even think about it when checking Facebook I just do. Ask him to become a habit you know like I have to do it everyday to keep up it's pretty amazing how the Internet can do that