the seller is cheater i can`t do nothing:(

April 21, 2010 8:01pm CST
I was like playing in my computer when i found site that used buy and sell thing cheaper in good condition as the picture:(i think it was so cheap so i can buy a lot thing to put in my new apartment then i start order some thing this and that and the total amount is not cheap then i think but since i need the thing i am not thinks much just want the goods in hurry after i paid the goods are coming but i was feel up sad see all the goods is not like in the picture and i don`t want all thing,is like garbage:(but i can not do nothing cause is bye...bye...sell so i paid when things come and is good bye i don`t know anything about them and even place to complain so...all my friend be careful with this kind of seller don`t be like me stupid buyer :(
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