(: DISC 7 :) Physical Attraction vs. Good Attitude

Physical Attraction vs. Good Attitude - a sexy woman behind a kind heart.
April 21, 2010 8:50pm CST
While I was in the office, my colleagues discussed a topic that gave a slight commotion to both of them. They were talking of which comes first when finding for someone who will be special, is it Physical Attraction or Good Attitude. Both of them are married but totally different in views and opinion. One said it should be physical attraction first before good attitude, because it is the common thing that most people do. How in the world that you have to find attitude first before you get attracted. Handsome and pretty face, Curvy body, huge bumpers, and nice booty this really speak for Physical Attraction. The second one really fought for good attitude first before physical attraction because attitude counts to have a successful marriage. What do you get in attraction but just all facade. Well mannered, humble, down-to-earth person, kind, and smart are just components of having a good attitude. On my own view, it really depends on the reason. Attraction is always the common law when you want something to get. Just like in finding for a relationship, you want to have the total package which is someone who is good looking but with a kind heart as well. And when we talk about love, it don't set boundaries or give limitations, that is why in loving it is said unconditional.
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@Nilman (59)
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22 Apr 10
If you're talking about which comes first, that would have to be physical attraction. Looks are the first thing that you see in a person. That's what catches the interest. If you meet a very attractive person and a not good looking person, of course you would want to get to know the attractive person first. But of course, looks aren't enough. Relationships aren't build solely on the basis of physical attraction.