Which player do you have in your computer to listening or for watching videos..?

@siliguri (4225)
April 22, 2010 6:50am CST
Hello friends... Which player do you using in your computer for listening of songs or for watching videos...In my computer i have Window media player..nothing else..and i think which is very reliable and having easy and cool features... What about you..?
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@Ramsesxlll (1436)
• Finland
22 Apr 10
For watching videos, I use QuickTime player which is built in in newest Macs I have many others too, but that one is the best. For listening to the music, I can use QuickTime Player, but I mostly use iTunes, because it too is built in Macs It has quite cool features (iTunes) and one of them is that I can synchronize my iPod
@leimer08 (47)
• Philippines
22 Apr 10
Hi, I'm using GomPlayer now, unlike windows media you can watch flv, div-x, and almost frequently used formats can be played here..Try to download it, its free anyway.
@siliguri (4225)
• India
22 Apr 10
Yeah! friend i heard many times about this player having very terrific features..and enable to play any format of video...i will surely download it now.. Thanks friend for the response...have a nice day...
@zeethegr8 (786)
• India
25 Apr 10
Media Player Classic and VLC Media player are one of the best for almost all video formats. Also they offer better functionality options. Sound can be adjusted and video can also be tweaked. The options of subtitles is also a good feature.
@whoAHHH (33)
• Bulgaria
23 Apr 10
I usually use Media Player Classic for playing videos, it is a great tool, it has subtitle support and many options for the video and audio. I also use VLC media player sometimes as it supports many integrated codecs, which makes it possible to play almost any video, even if you don't have a single codec installed. For playing DVDs I prefer the Microsoft solution - Windows Media Player, as it has everything equipped for playing DVDs flawlessly.
@Vick77 (486)
• Mexico
22 Apr 10
I don't like windows media player is so bad for me, I always search for better players, by now I'm using Xmplay for music, is easy to use, have a great sound and is totally free. For videos of all kind I 'm using now GOMplayer I found a few months ago and is just amazing, it can play virtually all formats of videos, even it can play swf files, and many more, i think is the best video player, and the best part is that is absolutely free to use. regards.
@key2write (493)
• India
22 Apr 10
There is no doubt about this, most of us use Windows Media Player. I have often use Real Player and KMP player. I have downloaded few videos in MP4 format. But I can't play these videos either in WMP and RP, it requires additional codec. So I use KMP player which is an open source software. It supports all types of videos and audios. But my first priority is WMP. Have a great day.
@umabharti (3976)
• India
22 Apr 10
hi, we use Windows Media Player and also VLC Media player to liste to music.Both are fine however stilli dont have that much knowledge of how to use the features.
@kooltiger (855)
• Pakistan
22 Apr 10
i always use window media player 11 for any thing.. it is the best.. its look is outstanding.. and i never use any other software.. i just use k-lite codec when i need to use it..
@Ruskim (37)
• Norway
22 Apr 10
i often use media player classic for videos n musicmatch for my audio bt recently i have started using vlc for video n windows media player for audio