Psychological Series? [ Mentalist, House, Lie to me]

@soulburn (414)
April 22, 2010 12:04pm CST
Hello Mylot! I enjoy very much the psychology-related Tv series like House ,Mentalist,Lie to me, and Mental, but I've ran out of episodes . I was hoping that you people knew some similar Tv series and I would really appreciate if you could share their name with me. Fell free to comment on the manner however you might like. I will be waiting for answers. Thank you!
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• Italy
3 May 10
I like american serial tv very much, "House","lie to me" and "In treatment" too, they help me to improve my english in a funny way, especially "In treatment" I hope they will make a 3 season soon. bye
@soulburn (414)
• Romania
4 May 10
Hello! I like them too! I haven't yet watched "In treatment" but sure I will! You should also check "Criminal Minds" and "Dexter" [ No not the cartoon] They're both very good and you can learn something from them. The first are the lives of 5 people who form the FBI Behavior Analysis Unit and the second one, Dexter, it's about a "good" serial killer who works for the police as blood splatter annalist. Thank you for your comment and for recommending me In Treatment. I am looking it up right now.
• Ankara, Turkey
28 Aug 15
The end of Mentalist is not as I expected. I don't like the Red John preference of director. Until the last season, it was very good and engrossing series, I can not comment on "House" or "Lie to Me". I have heard the name of "In Treatment" and taken good feedbacks. If you want to start a good series, go ahead with "Criminal Minds". I have been watching for 10 ten years. There was another movie mixip up Math and Criminal Cases. I don't remember the name at all, but may be "Numbers".
• Austin, Texas
17 Aug 15
The three shows you named? Only watched them because I liked the actors. They are somewhat entertaining, but didn't think the scripts were very convincing or believable. For example, in real life, I wouldn't let a doctor like House come near me!