Why do today's people waste time on such ridiculous situations?

@mlotta (218)
Managua, Nicaragua
April 22, 2010 1:23pm CST
I've been finding that as society advances, and technology advances, people are actually becoming less aware of their own good. I see people wasting valuable time, time that cannot be recycled. Recycled materials are paper, plastic bottles, biodegradable cups and other renewable resources. Time cannot be taken back. Life has no second chances, and if people don't do anything about it, they will regret ever wasting valuable time. Many opportunities have been wasted because of fights or laziness or other non-valuable things. It's pointless for society to even try wasting time. For example, if people go to a job, and they get lazy, then they get fired. They lose jobs, lose houses, waste lives. Crimes are worse than wasting time. It's just wasting time, but in jail. Today's people just don't listen to the rules.
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• Philippines
22 Apr 10
They do not listen to rules because they love to have an adventure. Their main reason is that they have no choice. If the urge to commit crime enters their mind they can't avoid it.
@harmonee (1236)
• United States
22 Apr 10
I see this all the time when I'm at work. People just don't care. They've always been bailed out or just think that they are above reproach. While they may feel invincible for awhile, they will either hit rock bottom, or just make excuses for the crappy life they end up with. It's sad, but they just don't care...
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
22 Apr 10
you are right. lots of people are just lazy i find. i find this especially with todays young people. they dont know what hard work means!
• Australia
22 Apr 10
Why do you consider these things as wasting time? Yes maybe to us they are wasting time, doing things that they are not supposed to do. But to them it may not be wasting time at all. It's all about journey of life. I'm not saying crimes are good but like yin and yan, good and evil exists both in the this world and co-exists. We make mistakes and learn from them therefore that isn't wasting time. When people get lazy and get fired, they will eventually realise their mistake, that their laziness is no required thus they will pump themselves for a better future. It just takes a little longer for some people than others. I must agree that jail is waste of time but people have to be responsible and learn from their mistakes, prisoners just learn it from the hard way. But of course their are acceptions of those who never want redemption of what they do. Everyone's life take it's different course. If everyone worked and had perfect life, the world wouldn't be so interesting would it?