"Paying it Forward" - The way to make life more beautiful

@roldango (232)
April 22, 2010 9:47pm CST
The concept of paying a favor not back but forward may seem odd at first. We have been used to doing good to people who have been nice to us and so we focus our generousity to them. But in the movie, Pay it Forward, I kind of like the notion of spreading good deeds in a level that seem to underscore "unsolicited kindness". If we start to emulate the character of Young Trevor McKinney, we might come up with an unexpected change in outlook and in effect might make this world a better place to live and in the process will make our lives more meaningful and beautiful. Did you have experiences of receiving unexpected help or kindness? Have you thought of paying it forward?
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@Porcospino (18703)
• Denmark
26 Apr 10
I remember the movie "Pay it forward", I watched it a long time ago, but I liked the idea a lot. In past I have met strangers who have helped me and who have been very kind to me and I try to help other people the same way. I especially remember some people that I met in Poland. On the plane I met another girl and when we got to Poland some people had come to pick her up. Two of them offered me a lift to the busstation, they helped me buy a ticket, helped me find the right bus and they even gave me their phonenumber and I asked me to call them if I wanted them to show me around or if I wanted help with the Polish language. I will never forget their kindness
@edorms36 (267)
• United Arab Emirates
23 Apr 10
Yes to both of your questions, I have experienced receiving help and paying it forward to those who I know needs my help one way or another, and it really feels good to be of help to others and to do good deeds for somebody especially when it is much appreciated.
@Archaiwy (599)
• China
23 Apr 10
I used to be in difficult position for many times. There were a lot of people who gave me their hand. Some of them are even unkown to me. So, I would like to help others, friends or strangers. To experience help and being helped is really a nice recollection in life. It flushed away the suffered pain.