do u like u r lover callin u by sweet or nick names?

@vishkris (205)
April 23, 2010 7:54am CST
usually lovers likes their pair to call by sweet names or nick names like dear ,darling honey,baby...etc...i agree my lover calls me like this n i also like she calling me like do u like u r lover calling n by what name she calls u..share with us..
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
13 May 10
Hi, vishkris. Yes, I love it! My husband sounds so sexy when he calls me on the telephone. He will say baby all of the time. His voice sounds so dern sexy and masculine when he talks like this. I love being called "baby", it sounds very romantic and it makes me feel very special as his wife. No other man I have ever loved has called me this.
@piya84 (2591)
• India
24 Apr 10
He sometime call me sweety and baby and i call him sweet heart.there are other lots of name we use while calling each other .It all depends upon mood.When there are tensions in air no one call other those all sweet names.Such tensions arise rarely but yes they arise.
@Ynodhady (95)
• Indonesia
23 Apr 10
yes i like it. so my girlfriend also call me The sweet name. it is one of way in older our relation look intimate or romantic. i think along not to annoyed and on the exact condition. for me it is not problem
@caliya (1175)
• Philippines
23 Apr 10
Oh yes I really like pet names. We call each other "langga" (pronounced as lang-ga) that's our vernacular term for love. We sometimes call each other baby. I think it makes you feel more loved and it is a reminder of your love for each other.
@ada8may21 (2419)
• Philippines
23 Apr 10
Me and my beau would like to call each other "babe". It may sounded like a pig for us it sounded the very sweet word we could have called to each other. My beau would sometimes would not address me that name sometimes I would get mad, but I understand he is experimenting some names for me. So I am used with his lots of names calling me.
@Harold_ks (1674)
23 Apr 10
Hi vishkris! Actually at the early stage of my relationship with my girlfriend, we were still calling each other by our nicknames. I felt a little awkward about it, since other people were also calling her with that name, so I asked her to to have a term of endearment for us. Actually we had a hard time what term to choose, until finally we ended up having one. I can say that being called in a term of endearment is really sweet and makes your bonding tighter and stronger. Have a pleasant day! :)