Are you doing JUSTICE to your present character?

@umadper (947)
April 23, 2010 9:27am CST
I mean as a responsible mother/ in law/mother in law/father in law/sister in law/brother in law...daughter/son..
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@phoenix8606 (4978)
23 Apr 10
hell0 again! well, let me be the first here( hope that no one will decide to post right now and become the first) well, i have always tried to do juistice to my character as a brother and son, because as I understand the point of this phrase it means that I have tried and still try to be kind with the others, right? well, if it is so, then YES, i do, because for me doing justice to myself, is knowing that I will always respect the people who have helped me and who haev supported me like my family and friends. well, i guess that i haven't done juistice every time, but the most of the time i try to do it.
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@umadper (947)
• India
2 Jan 11
hi,congrats for getting the best response tag.