today's student

April 23, 2010 9:34am CST
as today is the so called world of competition , in this world of competition, everyone is just looking forward to get a good job and a good job means good salary. so, students too are not away from this thing . they too are just bothering for getting more and more marks. for this, studies is just like a business for tuition centers. they are making a lot of money, without caring about whether the students are benefited or not. the students are just looking forward to cram things and not trying to learn things by heart which is good for them for the time but not good for them in long term. so, what do all of you people think about this????????????????
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• Norway
23 Apr 10
I see your point! very interesting topic! i thought about this a lot before i went into university because i started understanding how this system works. I think its horrible the way this system has developed. I really think the education system is at fault. Epsecially university level education. So the way we educate the next generation should definietly be changed and improved substantially.
@pumared (515)
• Bulgaria
23 Apr 10
Now i am student in my country. For me this is very hard to do this . I have to study and work.Ievery day i have study hoursfrom 9 am till 16 pm , after that i have to work during the night. it is very hard.
@qamarep (4448)
• Pakistan
24 Apr 10
yes it also has make much of the professional jealousy in studnets..
@Neatteo (156)
• Malaysia
23 Apr 10
I have something interesting to share. 80% of the students in my class always cheat in the exam. It is because they want to get high marks and good result. I saw in front of my eyes how they do it. They are so creative in that. Sometimes I feel like so mad. But I don't want to tell my lecturers because I don't want to interrupt others life. At the end, they will get dean list in the university. They feel so proud and snobbish. They look at me like I am nothing. But the truth is I know how they could get that. Till now, the lecturers don't know about it!
• Philippines
23 Apr 10
you know what.... I STRONGLY AGREE WITH YOU Good thing that I just graduated this March and will not be experiencing the trials of being a student anymore. During my school days, I really hate it when teachers give home works on weekends and imagine on holidays especially Christmas season... imagine?!. How could the student take a rest and enjoy with their family with this kind of situation? teachers today are so so inconsiderate. I agree when you said that these teachers don't even bother if the students learn from them or not. They just give the lessons, load of works, and that's it. If you get high grades then fine; if you get low grades just a reprimand to try better next time and that's it. If you failed then sorry. They don;t even bother to talk to you and tutor you maybe privately so they are assured that the students understand the lesson well. Tsk.... everything is just about the money, the salary... Sometimes when you approach them to discuss again the lessons they will excuse themselves. In some schools, you can pass in exchange of something even if you did not attend classes regularly or failed the examinations many times.
@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
23 Apr 10
Yeah, I totally agree that today's students are all too study minded and try to compete with other students to be the best in the class. This happened for me as a student too since primary school right up to university. For me, while there might be some merit of being on top of the class, it might not necessarily translate into a good job in the future. Someone who is just good in studies but has no EQ or PR skills might not be a good candidate for most jobs out there, because as we know, communication is a vital part of the working world nowadays. Workers have to meet clients, patients, customers and so on. So in my opinion, I feel a student should focus more on being an all-rounded person instead of just going for the head knowledge or the money associated with getting a good job. A student should live a balanced life of study, playing (or being active) and socializing. Like the old saying goes, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".....