hello green people. i'm doing my best. tell me what your doing to go green.

April 23, 2010 8:08pm CST
i'll tell you a bit about myself. lately i've been pushed into the green liveing style, by something, maybe a late relative? dunno. anyway ive been drawn in this direction. i had erected a wind generator 18 months ago and worked with that until 100 klm/hr winds took it down. the 28 ft post gave out and it came down. glad i wasn't under it when it did, ive seen some damage from high speed wind turbines. not pretty. right now i'm working with solar arrays. anything i can hook up to solar, i'm trying it. from solar patio lights to led's to light my home. i even purchased solar chargers for my cellphone buddies. my solar panels will power my computer work station as well as any 115 vlt receptacle in my home with a maximum peak draw of 5,000 watts. run off 2 deep cycle piles, being recouperated by 160 watts of solar arrays capable of 1,000 volts each. NOW I'M SURE THERE ARE MORE ENTHUSIASTS IN THIS LOT. tell me about yourself
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@hcvvmk (175)
• Malaysia
24 Apr 10
well, i practice water saving technique, walk most of the time if the distance are short, use a solar charger for my mobile phone..
• Bulgaria
24 Apr 10
actually wind turbines are made from compound plastics which production is the most pollutive for the environment same with the materials for the solar panels and the wind turbine also produces low vibrations which you cannot hear but they kill small animals and birds and destroy neural connections and cause brain destructions to larger animals and people (in a long term) and besides for 10 years of work (that is the maximum they last) solar panels give back only 80-90% of the energy invested for their production (not mentioning transportation and installation) so i prefer more passive ways like mirrors, window blinds, better arrangement of the rooms, candles, more clothes when it's cold, less TV ;)