To do good..

morning wish - to have a chance to do good to others
April 24, 2010 3:38am CST
Have u ever felt self-satisfaction when you just did something good for another person? I am talking about something good u just did but not expecting anything in return. I am talking about something good u just did for a complete stranger. I am talking about something good u just did for somebody who is unlovable. I am talking about something good u just did that is all driven by compassion. I am talking about something good u just did and you have to suffer from it. I am talking about something good u just did which u didn't expect that you can do at a particular situation.And left u surprised up to this very minute. Don't you just wish you will be given more chances to do good things? And to top it all, you just do it without the need to be acknowledged at all? And you just feel so good inside? (^_^)
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@nanayangel (7839)
• Philippines
28 Apr 10
Hi there Lipstick! Well, there were times when i did help people without expecting anything in return. There were also lots of times when I wish I had the time and resources to do more. And yes, it really feels good when you help someone.
@camomile07 (1422)
• Germany
26 Apr 10
Extend our hand to help others when they need it should be something natural, everyone should do it every time the possibility is given for it without expecting anything as return or payment for it. I really like helping to other persons every time I see that I am in condition to do so, but I also recieved negative experience and I knew people who where in a bad situation and needed help, but they doesn't want to recieve any kind of help. They simply prefer to rest in bad condition. So since I saw this, I am more carefull whom I extend my hand to help. But that's right that self-satisfaction after doing well is a great feeling and I would like to help more than I am doing right now.
• India
25 Apr 10
Lol yes i have experienced most of these at one time or other, i have always tried to be good at others, will do too till the last breatning, i donot need any thing in return.. Thank you so much for this nice discussion, cheers God bless you. Prof
• Bulgaria
24 Apr 10
i think this is an experience everyone had at least once in his life and the feeling you get is a supreme award for your deed only you cannot go out to intentionally make unpaid good these things happen by accident because they are gifts from the fate i accept them as a test for what one is really inside