The most antique ptc:Wordlinx.

@deleus (60)
April 24, 2010 8:05am CST
Hi guys, And now another review this time about wordlinx. Wordlinx is ,as just i said,the oldest ptc in the web and as now is paying for several years. You can logg in whenever you want and you could find ads to lick at every time. Each ad pays you form 0.005 dollars to 1 cent. Very few dollars if you think that the payout is fixed at 10 dollars. You can upgrade but you cannot buy referrals on this site because as now all referrals are sold. The reputation of Wordlinx around the web is wonderful.You can find everywhere payment's proofs. In conclusion:as now (and already for years) the ptc is very safely to use. A very good strategy to reach the payout is to have lots of direct referrals. If you don't have it,it will take a while before reach the payout. Thanks again Daniele
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@kittenclaus (1394)
• United States
24 Apr 10
It may be one of the oldest but it's also one of the slowest! I never promote a site until I've been paid there myself first and with the amount of time it takes to reach that I won't be promoting this site. I've been a member there for a very long time and still have not reached cash out. I could never refer my friends to a site that takes that long to be able to request their money. when and if I ever do reach the 10.00 I will be leaving that site. There are too many others for me to earn much more quickly.
@deleus (60)
• Italy
24 Apr 10
You are right and infact i spoke about this pproblem in the discussion. Maybe the best strategy is to create a group of people that divide the mony earned after the cashout.