do women want fantasy or reality in relationships?

United States
April 24, 2010 11:28am CST
Women want their fantasies in relationships to be their reality. Women will say they want a good man but often the man they choose is not that good or not good for them. How can you explain how women often end up with the bad boy and think they will be the ones to change him? How can you explain Women waiting waiting in line to be with men like Jesse james or Winston Bennett? Both men were admitted heavy cheaters and yet had women chasing them around like they were gold. The answer is everyone wants what is valuable and to take someone who has not achieved that value status and work with im is hard and may not in the end achieve what you wish.It is easier to get with the guy who has already achieved status and fame and try to soak in the residue of being with him than to try to find someone who may or may not grow into the status you want. However of cousre that is what love is all about growing with someone through the good times and bad times and achieving the best you can. Women often see the things they want but dont take into account the things they went into making the thing work. This is why many often end up hurt and taken advantage of. If your weren't there when the man was building his blood sweat and tears how can you expect for him to have any loyalty. But if you were there in the beginning to help him build it you have every right to except the best behaviior and you can expect to hold the man accountable but the temptation from women is so great and many fall short. Women often try to steal their fantasy man Instead of trying to build or work with a man of their own. Everyone cannot have men the same standards also. Alll good men are not tall. Matter of fact some tall men are dogs because of the sheerr amount of women who seek after them simple because of their height. Also the priorities of women have changed. Many blame the womens lib movement. Women have theyre own money and will use theyre to try and fulfill theyr'e fantasies. Theyre not interested in family or other traditions they want what they want. In the end women cant blame men they should go to church and pray and look at their choices. There are some very good men out there.
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