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United States
April 24, 2010 7:43pm CST
Mylots I have been told that opposites attract in relationships. I to believe that is true because me and my girlfriend are so opposites of each other but we love each other to death. So are there couples out there that are exactly the same that are in love? What about you what do you think matches?
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@climber7565 (2579)
• United States
25 Apr 10
I think people match for various reasons, some opposite but most because of respect, trust and honesty
@asherra (35)
• Philippines
25 Apr 10
relationships differ in every aspect in every person in every possible way. if you're getting along fine with your extreme differences, then good for you. but in my experience as a married woman of 13 years, with five kids, and have had 12 other boyfriends prior to my husband, being of the "same kind" is of easier handling. just imagine, if one is a party goer and the other is the loner type, then the party animal would have to seek others' companionship in times of partying! and there's the case of the adventure seeking individual with the partner who wants to spend her life in the safety of her home, then who then will this adventurous man go to with for the thrill seeking he longs for? partners with the same qualities, hobbies, and similarities have better chances of surviving because they have common interests, goals, and perspectives in life. but if you can come to certain terms that you both could agree upon, well, kudos to you!!! good luck and hopin to you'll find your "soul mate" who you can spend your life with...
• India
25 Apr 10
I know the reason why opposites like each other.actually due to the laws of magnetism opposite attracts each other..haha i m kidding.. I think the reason is that you get to know different things in life(stranger to you) when you like an opposite
@zausiu (610)
• China
25 Apr 10
there are totally no principles in relationships. Opposites attract. the same types also attract and the other way around. I once proposed to a girl she refused me because she thought we have different characters. I now wish my better half has a lot in common with me.