Lots of pro athletics go broke after their careers are over.

United States
April 24, 2010 10:46pm CST
It is true! Some of the reason's is they want to make money quickly inside of doing investments like in retirement funds. So alot of athletics get taken advantage and end up broke! Some athletics get screwed by agents and lawyers! Heard Kareem Abdul_Jabbar lost 10 million because he gave his agent power of attorney! Former Knick Mark Jackon lost like 3.5 million to an agent who had a gambling problem! They there are the players who invest in very expensive cars,race horses,hand out money left and right to greedy family members! Players don't think! they take the money and run! Even when they invset in something good like land and property alot of retired players are getting screwed thanks to the weak ecomony! Maybe one of these days ex-players will learn as players to be more careful because they sure look like idiots when they file bankruptcy!
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