Okay.... So How Do You Treat Your Mum

April 25, 2010 7:15pm CST
Just wanted to know what other people do for their mum that treats them for doing all the things mums do. My mum is lovely and in my opinion the best there is.... but then we are all going to say that arent we!! lol. I want to take her out and treat her to something nice has anyone got any ideas?
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• India
26 Apr 10
It is natural that everyone thinks that their mom is the best . I won't say that . My mom is very lovely and kind. She never scolds me unless and untill i do a very severe mistake. I really think that my mom deserves something special from me .My mom is employed and she goes out every day lol . So she has gone to every single place . It would be very difficult for me to chose a place for her . I would rather spend a quality day with her talking nice things . My mom is the most important thing for me in this world !
@kykidd (6819)
• United States
26 Apr 10
You could make a scrapbook for your mother. Or you could do something with pictures. Nowadays, there is a lot of different ideas that you can get on craft shows or on craft web sites that are very simple. It would be neat if she has grandkids to take some finger paint (or really any kind of paint) and put either footprints or on something with their name beside of it. If they are old enough, they could write their name. If not, then someone else could write it beside of the print. Using black and white photos, and iron on printout paper, you could make a really neat shirt, pillow case, or something else that she could cherish that has family on it. If you have a big family, maybe you could all get together for a cookout. Or maybe you could take her to the park for a walk around and just enjoy some memories from the past. There are lots of things you could do that wouldn't even cost any money. I hope that you are able to come up with a really unique idea.