Customer (lack of) Service

@roxxtime (299)
United States
April 25, 2010 8:51pm CST
What do you think of when someone says "Customer Service"? Is it a negative or a positive initial thought? I am a customer service representative and so maybe I expect more when I call into customer service because I love my job and I am great at it. If you talk to me on the phone I am on your side and I will do whatever I can to come as close to what you're requesting as company policy will allow, and maybe I expect something close in return. I have worked as a CSR for more than 6 years and probably at more than 10 different call centers. The companies were dramatically different and so were the policies; however the expectation of service that was supposed to be provided was the same. So why is it when I call customer service I get such crappy people like 80% of the time (even calling companies I used to work for)? Are my expectations too high or is this level of service being given to everyone? Have you ever just had horrendous customer service? Do you seem to get it on a regular basis? I would you to give me an example of a bad customer service experience if you will, and let me know if that one negative interaction with that one rep gave you a different view of the entire company. If you have wanted to complain about the service provided but there was no way to file a complaint (Dell for instance) than please feel free to submit a review of the company. I am not trying to get dirt on these companies I just want to know how others are treated and if the service is bad, especially consistently bad, by all means we should know.
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@myliezl0903 (2731)
• Philippines
26 Apr 10
Hi there! yeah, i've experienced a lot of bad customer service which cause me to get mad at them and at the same time i pulled out some of my account .. like a phone company who doesn't give me enough reason on things that i am asking., i got my bills on them and the only thing that i am inquiring about is my bills that got so much calls and i didn't even use it and they don't give me any feedback ., so i decided to cut my line and change to different mobile company.