What did you do for Earth Day??

April 26, 2010 12:11am CST
What did you do for mother earth?? What did you do to save mother earth?? What have do done that help saved mother earth?? What are you going to do for Earth Day?? Me, i will just clean things around me and do proper segregation. I don't plant trees but i plan to do it. Cleaning the surrounding will make a big difference.
2 responses
• India
26 Apr 10
i celebrate the wondrous mother nature.i brought a few trees into my college and i planted a few in my own back yard .i also started my garden .and i walked places instead of driving .i think i am also going to start doing that on more regular basis i drive too much .so what did you all do?
• Philippines
26 Apr 10
I will follow the law of my country which is to take good care of mother earth.