Have tried to wear your shoes without wearing any socks inside?

April 26, 2010 9:33am CST
It sounds very rugged and unfit due to the fact,that not wearing any socks could hurt your foot,yet many individuals do wore their shoes without any socks,and they still are not out of fashion,that is why I try it myself,and ohhh!! It is very refreshing although I am not used to go out without the socks,it is cool,so I am not using my socks anymore,just for the formal attire I use my socks.
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• Australia
26 Apr 10
Yes I have. It depends on what type of shoes you are wearing without socks on but usually it is very uncomforatble. It is ok when its sandals but with running shoes I get blisters and sore feet if I dont wear socks witht hem.
• Philippines
27 Apr 10
Thank you very much for the response.You are right that some kinds of shoes are making our foot uncomfortable that is why we got some bruises on it,yet there are so many shoes that are trendy these days that do not need to have your socks worn, because it is made up of soft materials that are favorable to our sensitive foot.Have a happy day..........enjoy your holidays..............