Indoclix balance became zero

@phynx15 (248)
April 26, 2010 9:43am CST
Hello guys, does anyone have an explaination for my indoclix balance to become zero. I reach the payout however didn't cash it out only to find it zero the next day.
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• India
3 May 10
Hi phynx15, just start earning again bcos u can reach 0.10 in just 3-4 days. I have been paid 16 times from indoclix. Indoclix is the best site that i would recommend u. Its the best so don't get upset that account balnce is zero. Just try to contact admin and find out the reason why your balance was 0 U can also make 0.10 per day if u do just 1 paidtosignup at indoclix. THats superb. SO pls don't worry. Start earning again. Soon within 3 days u will reach the payout. Thank you Happy Mylotting
• Finland
2 Jun 10
Hi friend! Wow you have been paid 16 times! I'm also a member of it, only been paid once...Just hope it keeps paying! Have a nice day, and good luck with your earnings!
@Alvals (264)
• Latvia
26 Apr 10
Hi, I noticed the same thing yesterday. Today that site is very slow for me :((
@phynx15 (248)
• India
26 Apr 10
i contacted the admins but no reply.. i don't know what these tickets are.
@KompitaPita (2053)
• Bulgaria
26 Apr 10
View your account in PayPal, friend... maybe they paid your earnings.. I don't know... Or you could contact to Admins to ask why your earnings became zero. BTW I request my payments immediately if I have reached the minimum for the payout, because I want to prevent situations like this... Hope you will get your earnings back.
• Indonesia
26 Apr 10
wew...seem strange.i have no experience like that.i suggest you send a ticket to indoclix to find out.Goodluck!