What do you do to cure acne?

@sergeo6 (100)
April 26, 2010 11:59am CST
All of my life I have been suffering of acne. I have tryed everything from over the counter medication to going to a dermatologist. Nothing seemed to work! One day I got mad and searched on youtube and google for ways to cure acne. I found 2 good ways that I use and I support them fully! They are free too,thats the best bit! 1st acne cure: Baking soda,you can buy baking soda at your local groceries store. You want to make a thick paste out of the baking soda and water and rub it in to your face gently. Than rinse it off,this works as a facial scrub! 2nd acne cure: potatoe,everyone has potatoes kicking around! I want to first rinse the potatoe,than you want to slice the potatoe into slices,than wash your face with a gentle soap,I reccomend (dove) After you have washed your face,start to rub the potatoe slices into your skin (face,shoulders,chest,back) Where ever you wish. Than let the juices soak into your skin for 15-25 minutes,than simpley rinse with warm water! If you do both the baking soda&potatoe, you will not only cure your acne but you will get rid of black heads and acne scarring! Extra. Remember to wash your face with a gentle soap, I use dove for men soap,but you can use any of the dove soaps. Remember hot water opens up the pores,than freezing cold water closes them! For men: if you shave,be gentle and use a nice after shave and shaving cream with aloe!
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28 Apr 10
for me, i limit wasing my face twice. just morning and evening, going to a dermatologist is also advised.