what do you think about pepsi max?

@rosie230 (1674)
April 26, 2010 12:36pm CST
Ok, so my favorite drink at the moment is pepsi max... i dont know why it just tastes so much better than regualr cola... i used to drink the regular cola but it started causing me health issues... it wasnt because of weight issues, it was basically giving me kidney and bladder infections due to the amount of sugar that is in it... I switched to drinking pepsi max, because it has aspartame in it instead of sugar, aspartame is basically a sweetner. I have a sweet tooth i think, so this is why i enjoy this drink so much. What are your views?
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@doormouse (4619)
26 Apr 10
i've never liked pepsi,i prefer coke a cola,i find that pepsi tastes to watery,whereas proper coke is full of sugar and caffine and all the bad stuff that makes a fizzy drink nice