what is the best way to try to get accepted into law school?

@vsmith (119)
United States
April 26, 2010 4:15pm CST
i am trying to succeed in acheiving my dream as a lawyer. so i thought the best way to start out would be to do criminal justice. because i thought that they would look at that and you would be more likely to be accepted then if you didnt have any knowledge at all. i do online classes for my bachelors degree in criminal justice with my minor being juvenile justice. does anyone have any other ways that they can suggest to help me acheive my goal of getting accepted into law school. please share also my gpa is a 3.3 right now
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• Australia
26 Apr 10
I live in Australia so there may be a distinct difference in how the system works; however, I think that you're very much on the right track. Undertaking a bachelor's degree in criminal justice will highlight both your committment to higher education and your passion for the subject mattet; so prospective law schools are sure to look on that favourably. Any other academic excellence - certificates, awards, etc. - that can make you stand out from the pack are also highly recommended. If it's not too intrusive a question, may I ask what institution/website you are studying criminal justice through? All the best with your future studies in law.
@vsmith (119)
• United States
28 Apr 10
thanks for the response. it is very helpful. i am studying with south university
@TheCatLady (4695)
• Israel
15 Jun 10
Start by getting your GPA up to at least 3.8. 3.3 is a joke. Sorry, but it is. You should strive for 4.0 from now on and it will level out your bad 3.3 grades. Work on your grammar. It needs to be better than perfect. If I were to use this post as an example, you would flunk 6th grade. Make sure your on-line school is accredited. If it's not, it doesn't count.