Hello from BrillianceGPT!

United States
April 26, 2010 6:58pm CST
Hi Guys, Right now as I'm writing this, you guys don't know a site called BrillianceGPT exists. I am trying to get everything organized, and fixed for the launch of this site. I'll start with an introduction of myself. My name's Sarah, and I am currently a college student, and I am the main owner of BrillianceGPT. I have been planning this site for over a year, and after a year of preparations, it finally paid off, and I am getting closer and closer to reveling my site. I found great opportunities while being part of the GPT industry for over a year as both a member, a moderator and an assistant. not only could I earn cash from my own home, I could also meet wonderful people from all over the world. It was great to help others change their lives, from helping teens to earn that extra cash for prom, stay at home moms being able to buy extra things for their families, and just getting to know each other. I really think it is a great experience of being able to meet someone from hundreds of miles from where you live, and getting to know them. During this harsh economy, I wanted to do my part when creating this site. I DON'T WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE STINGY OWNERS THAT BARELY GIVES THEIR HARD WORKING MEMBERS ANYTHING. I GUARANTEE I will try my best for high paying offers, and great crediting ones, too! I am fully aware I sound very serious in this introduction. I take my role here very seriously. I want to be able to earn my members' trusts, so I take the responsibility to provide a great site for the members even more seriously. Nevertheless, I do love to let go, and be loose, so I am hoping to combine my two opposite characteristics into creating a great site for all of you. I have so many things planned for this site and I really can't wait till it officially launches. I hope you guys like this site, and i would LOVE any suggestions to make it even better. If you guys are reading this right now, it means my site has finally been available for show to the public and a whole new beginning with start for all of us. Thanks for joining me here at Brilliance, and remember it doesn't get any more BRILLIANT than this. Thanks, Sarah. Feel free to check out the site at BrillianceGPT (.) com, and comment here to ask questions and such. The site launches on May 31st :)
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