What will you do if you are became queen or king in a kingdom?

April 26, 2010 8:36pm CST
Became a queen or a king in a kingdom is very pleasure, with good facility start form food, palace, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Queen or king not work hard they have prime minister to handle the kingdom. Queen or king must be wisely so the people in kingdom can live secure and welfare.
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@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
29 Apr 10
become king and queen in a kingdom, indeed something very beautiful to imagine. as king and queen of any kind is always served their needs, live in luxury, can have nothing. but the duty of the king and the queen was not light, although there was a prime minister who helped, there remains a decision in the hands of the king. if a king wrong in making decisions, would be fatal for the people. so the king and queen are not as easy as one might imagine.
• India
27 Apr 10
Hi Hartiono ..Everyone will easily say that I will do that or I will do this . But we can only see that what they will do after they become king or queen . It is very easy to say . But not that easy to keep up our words . I think now only Bhutan has monarchy which is amazing to see because once , the whole world had monarchy system . Personally i would work for the welfare of people if i become a king . I would reduce the taxes . Organize dinner for poors daily and i will do lot more things. This is just my imagination . It can only be seen whether I do these things or not after I become a king . Happy mylotting and have a nice day !