Google Adsense !!!!

April 26, 2010 11:36pm CST
friends how many of them having google adsense account!!! and not getting a single penny from it!!!! Amazing!! well 1 year ago i had a google adsense account and i earned 120$ in my account and i requested for cash out ..but google send me a mail my account was Tampered!!!! so they blocked my payment ,ya that time in INDIA we were not getting adsense account for blog so what i did i made adsense account in USA from USA with my friends Remote PC so i changed county to INDIA ..and i started blogging ..i learned more about SEO ( search Engine Optimization) then i was getting amazing traffic so i could earned 120 $ in 20 or 25 days when i got blocked i stopped google adsense so now i am again staring adsense so my suggestion is to INDIAN people buy a DOMAIN name and apply adsense for after few months then get adsense so im also buying a DOMAIN so after adsense approvel i can redirect my blog to the DOMAIN name well SEO.......... 1) apply your site in google search engine ..use google webmaster tool... so when people search something in google they may reach in your blog 2) use TWITTER Twitter is worlds no -1 web marketing tool or you can give a god definition you can post your site link in it and you get Bunch of traffic as i am getting 3) social networking sites ..promote your blog in it.. 4) apply your sites in free search engines ... 5) BACK LINKS back link is very important for your site.... there are so many ONLINE free directories .. start posting something in it and your link will be there so you will be getting traffic automatically ( im having more than 4000 online directories list when i left adsense i deleted all from my computer,,no problem im recovering all that ) hope i can share that also with you people ) 6) make a good friends list they can Help you( those who are interested in blogging) 7) keep update your site with good stuffs .. so people with visit your site very often well friends SEO is not finished ..there are so many ,,so many ..trucks of ideas im having ..i will share all with you people .... and you can find all things in the internet also have a gr8 day you can keep in touch with in twitter thank you
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