Open third eye, A God given gift or a curse?

April 27, 2010 8:30am CST
Is third eye a god given gift? why? Do you want to have an open third eye? where you can see, the past, present, and even dead people
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• India
27 Apr 10
hello friends is the third eye a god given gift or not i think it is the god given gift and it depends on the person that is related to it what is it if he hasnt got the third eye third eye is a must nad it should be there to be taken there upto there what if happy mylotting
@grayxenon (1306)
• Philippines
27 Apr 10
i dont believe in a third eye, i would rather trust my instinct. mind can be powerful even creating illusion that would render unexplainable thoughts.
@maikeruk (406)
• Germany
27 Apr 10
if is that posible i wouldnt think is a curse but a gift... that might be another state of evolution that we arent willing to accept now