what is the order of the physical exercise at the gymnasium?...

Saudi Arabia
April 27, 2010 10:06am CST
hi ,,,my dear friends , from few weeks ago i starded exercise at the gym, but there are problem that which is the right order during take exercise ...commonly i first begin my exercise with run in the runing machine and then ....take other machinery... but i don't know it is wrong or right ... so i believe there is have many friends that often takes exercise ... so ,,my quetion is what is the right order in the gym......?///
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@phoenix8606 (4978)
5 May 10
acording to that what I know the order is the following- first you do the easy exercises and then the more difficult ones in order to feel better after that and not tired too much.
• India
27 Apr 10
As life8118 said First of all do stretching an after that you can go for running on the treadmill about 10 to 15 minutes.But to burn more calories in less efforts go for elliptical machines.You can double your calorie burning rate on elliptical machines.These all takes about 20 to 25 mins.After that you can go for regular body part exercises.This particular routine will help you to focus on weight loss(fat loss).If you don't want to lose much weight or you are already thin go to the regular exercises soon after stretching and you can do your cardio exercises once or twice a week.For the regular body part exercises routines you can take help of your trainer at gym or you can refer to bodybuilding.com.Any further queries feel free to ask me.
@kooltiger (855)
• Pakistan
27 Apr 10
my dear friend before starting an exercise u need to warm up ur muscles.. and their are different ways for warm.. u can use machines too for warm up.. do care about that because it is the most important part of that.. but using machines in warm up we should lift lower wait... which we can lift and more repetitions.. after that u can start the exercise decided on ur schedule... i prefer chest on saturday, back or wings on sunday, biceps on monday, triceps on tuesday, and the most difficult one.. shoulders on wednesday and abs on thursday.. and the gym remains closed at friday..