What will be your first impression whne you meet someone talking with earphone?

Hong Kong
April 28, 2010 7:04am CST
When the ear phone first appearded in this society,I feel that it was a bit funny.Why ? It is because you suddenly seeing someone talking to themselves on the road.I thought that the person was talking to either himself or that person had some mental problem.Then I thought that he was talking to me,even I didin't even know the perosn at all.Suddenly ,everyone was talking like that on the bus, and everywhere in this world.It was quite embrasis that you thought the taxi driver was talking to you,but he was on the phone.When he was really talking to you,then you would think that he was on the phone .It was so confused at the beginning,but I think we are jsut getting used to it a bit more.But sometimes,confusion will still happen.Share with me about your experience.
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• Philippines
28 Apr 10
Yeah it was funny when i encountered someone talking through earphones. I thought he was talking to the one next to him but turns out he was talking to someone else.
@mokkka (883)
• Bulgaria
10 May 10
I just react in the same way.At first I try not to laugh but it seems as if this person talks to him/herself and even sometimes shouts and make rows.This is the moment when I feel interested in what's happening so I look first at his ears either to see an ear thing or see there isn't such one and be sure the man is mad.
@RobtheRock (2485)
• United States
28 Apr 10
It was sort of scary to me. I used to work at Detroit Public Library and that's where I encountered a lot of crazy people who talked to themselves. I especially remember this old guy who sat at a table next to my desk (I was a student library assistant who had a desk and took orders for patrons). The old guy talked to his nagging wife who wasn't there. So later when I lived in another city and saw a person talking loud,I thought to myself "people are getting crazier, talking and laughing loud like that! I got more shocked when I saw people I knew doing it until I saw the cord and knew what was going on. Now I'm used to it.