Does the increment speed of your earnings faster than the price of house?

April 28, 2010 8:56am CST
I guess the price of house is a hot and popular topic. In my country, everyone notices it, concerns it and talk about it. Do you know normally what is the rational and fair-minded price of house, which we can afford? In the international standard, it is about 3-6 years' average revenue of residents. For me and my most collagemates, it is very lucky if we can find a job offerning $1,ooo one month. But in some big cities, the price of house is more than $6,000 per square meter. Be surprised? Yeah, I wonder how many people are there who can afford this? And I think this high price has already been a nightmare for most Chinese people. We will become slaves of house in the tuture if it keeps going. Then what we can only do is hiding in internet and finding a spiritual sustenance in virtual communities. Do you think so? Or you can afford the price? Do you want to or have a plan to buy a house? And does the increment speed of your earnings faster than the price of house in your city?
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@nuc_2005 (25)
• China
11 May 10
Nowdays everyone want to buy a house, but most of them can not afford it. the increment speed of the house price is much faster than our earnings,So a lot of people loan from bank and buy a house with the money which he/she earns in the future.If they deposit the money, maybe they can not buy the same house with the same money in the future.