what do you usually do after you receive your salary?

April 28, 2010 9:05am CST
How often do you grocery shop? Do you always grocery shop, or went to shopping mall after you received your salary, or what do you usually do after you receive your salary?
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• Boston, Massachusetts
3 May 10
Hi Care, Even before my salary arrives, i already make a list for the regualr expenses and extra ones. the moment i receive my salary, i set aside some for my savings before budgeting it for all those in my list. in this way i am ensuring a savings for myself and my family.
• United Arab Emirates
28 Apr 10
It's proper to do your shopping at the end of the month for the new month you are going into, for me it normal and i do that when i get my salary. I have to get groceries for the next month and also some other needs. What i do again when i get my salary at the end of the month is try to get some money across to parents and settle bills and other things necessary.
28 Apr 10
I usually afford myself a sigh of relief before heading home to bemoan the fact that it lasted a mater of hours in my account before heading out for the bills ;)
@leinrix (489)
• Philippines
28 Apr 10
i usually manage to save a certain amount first then spend the remaining amount after i pay all my expenses for that certain month in that way you are not having troubles paying your bills because you only spent what is left