Whats your invention?

United States
April 28, 2010 10:07am CST
We all know we wish there was something out there that isn't. Whether it be a chocolate dish soap, or a robot maid. We all wish they would just invent these things already so we can have them. So what is your invention? What do you want created upon the world to make life easier, better, whatever you choose. Frankly, I want food that taste amazing and GOOD for you. Frankly most amazingly "healthy" foods are also disgusting. So a machine that allows you to pick foods of your choosing with tastes of your choosing would be great. Like "I want a salmon and spinach soup that taste like Ice cream" and the machine does just that. But that is just me, What about the rest of you? The invention is yours, and what is your mind thinking?
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• Germany
28 Apr 10
For years I was thinking how to attach a PELTIER element to my hot oven pipe or into the warm water from showers and laundry in order to produce electricity. (Such elements usually are used backwards to produce heat or cold from electricity.) Never I made it further than showing, that in principle the Chinese little elements bought from internet auctions could be used, as I thought, as a source of electricity. Butttttttt: recently I have read that BMW offers such a device to recover the heat from the engine's hot exhaust gases to charge the car's battery. Looks like I was toooooo slow.
• United States
28 Apr 10
Two notions fascinate me..1st is a solar mill like those little mills with the black/white panels they sell in novelty stores but much larger adopted turbines and alternate energy and 2nd a water turbine adopted to inflow water pipes to produce alternate power..Enjoy!
@phoenix8606 (4978)
28 Apr 10
hell0! for me there are really many things that can be invented to make people's life easier and happier and right now I think of two of them, which I think would be really cool ones. he first one is connected with the medicine and the diseases which can't be cured, for which there is no cure till now like some cancer forms, AIDS and some other. So I think that one invention can really help all those people who suffer from diseases like these. It is something like a very small, miniature robot-submarine, so small that it can be injected with a needle in the vains of some person diseased with some of these diseases and so this robot-submarine can be controled with help of some remote control and a camera and to find and kill all the viruses/cells which cause this disease. OI guess that someday someone will invented it and it really would be the biggest invention of all times, because what better invention then that, which helps people live longer!? The second invention are jet-shoes with which people can fly, so they don't needto wait in the rush-hours and waste their time, they don't need to wait on traffic lights- they just will fly above all these mess of cars, people, the most of them angry maybe and feel really good!