How to save budget for wedding

April 28, 2010 10:45am CST
Usually a wedding ceremony will spend a lot of money for new couples.Now there are more and more website shops selling products on internet.A wide range of products such as wedding bags,cakes,flowers,sweets,chocolates,etc,is provided by website shops and sent to new couples by counteir.It is much cheaper if you purchase a lot from the same shop and it is convenient for time saving.When you search on internet,you will find many wedding shops on line.such as aokeshen,which is a Chinese supplier with very cheap wedding bags offered.
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@frenken (25)
• Malaysia
29 Apr 10
one of the good way to really save your budget for wedding. do it by yourself :) actually what i mean here is that you dont have to buy almost everything you need for the wedding. as an example; you must a friends to begin with. things concerning bakery you can asked your friend to do it for you instead go to branded store, flower doesn't necessary need to be fresh. you can buy half fresh and another half plastic one. the plastic one can be but behind the fresh one that can cover its material by one glance. and there are many ways to make your budget as low as possible again its up to you to choose
• China
2 May 10
Yes,good idea!tks for your suggestion!
@drasnian (548)
20 Jun 11
The cost is one of the biggest reasons my boyfriend and I are not yet engaged :( We're both students, and we'd always dreamed of planning everything as soon as we were engaged, but we just can't afford to do that, so we've had to postpone our engagement until our savings look healthier! We'll be using basically every money saving tip we can find. One area we hope to save drastically in, is my dress. According to, the average couple spend nearly £1600 on the bride's dress. I've found some beautiful dresses from a chinese supplier though, for less than £500! One thing we'll be doing to keep costs down, is asking friends and family to share their skills. Couples apparently spend £1800 on photography and a video, so I'll be asking my friend, a talented hobby photographer, to take most if not all of our shots...and it'll be a fraction of the cost. Similarly, the average wedding cake costs nearly £400! I'll probably be baking the cake myself, and a friend of mine is currently studying cake decorating, so I'll ask her to decorate it. Having just the decorating done, rather than the baking it too, will bring the cost down drastically. Frenken's tips about DIY are another thing I'll be taking to heart. The average cost for stationery is nearly £500....Doing it ourselves will save a lot there. Honestly, I can't wait to be my partner's wife, and it's heartbreaking that the focus nowadays is on how extravagant the event is, because there's just no way we can raise the £18,500 an average wedding costs. Even doing it on a budget, we've had to postpone everything, because engagement rings now are about £1500, and as a student, my other half simply can't afford it.