How often do you travel to foreign countries? Do you like travelling?

@grkelly (1216)
April 28, 2010 1:54pm CST
How often do you go abroad for a holiday or for work? I personally do not like travelling that much, and besides i do not have so much money to spare to go on vacations in foreign countries. The hassle and expenses involved do not make it seem so worthwhile to me. I prefer to stay in my own country and spend relaxed days in places I am acquainted with.
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• Philippines
29 Apr 10
I love the the thought of travelling. But i don't have the funds yet to do so. I would love to go to places if only I have the money. I love to get a souvenir for each place I go and I want my partner with me all along.
@Lucky12 (770)
• United States
28 Apr 10
I love traveling, but I have never been to another country yet. I hope to be able to actually go soon. I think that i think that it will be fun and exciting to do something like that one day.
• United Arab Emirates
28 Apr 10
I haven't travelled abroad before but just once to a neighboring country and would want to travel abroad, would like to visit brasil, and visit their beaches and have so much fun for holiday.
@camomile07 (1422)
• Germany
28 Apr 10
Well, I really love travelling, because I would like to see new places and sea other cultures, but my situation doesn't allow me to travel, as travelling costs a lot of money as we are four persons at home. If I would be alone, maybe I would travel more.
@aidenw (632)
• United States
28 Apr 10
i hardly ever travel abroad. i also don't like travelling that much although i enjoy sight seeing. there's always a certain degree of stress related to traveling,even within the country. if only we could use a transporter like in star trek and be in a different place instantly and cut out all the hassle of traveling,that would be fantastic