What is faster than the speed of light? The speed of Darkness...

the speed of darkness - the speed of darkness. darkness falls.
United States
April 29, 2010 12:36am CST
What is your opinion on this question? Is anything actually faster than the speed of light? Could really be the speed of darkness?? Is that really possible?!
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@beachdune (908)
• India
29 Apr 10
How can darkness have speed ? It is a condition where no light is available. Darkness is not made of matter where as light has some electric and magnetic particles. Darkness cannot travel from one place to another----SO DARKNESS CANNOT HAVE SPEED !!
@nehmer (609)
• Philippines
1 May 10
hi eddyspaghetti, man you made me laugh... =) hehehe.. this question is very intriguing in my opinion light is still the fastest like we see in laser or thunder... we can see examples of it in our television. I don't know about speed of darkness that is new to me.. and i haven't heard that darkness is fastest than light so i think it is not possible to beat light. like on person said here darkness is really the absence of light. without light its dark.. =)
@verptc (247)
• Philippines
29 Apr 10
As far as I know light is the fastest in speed compare to darkness and everything that has mass on it.If someone knows other than this they can share with us so that we are enlighten to this matter.
@sophiaraine (1114)
• Philippines
29 Apr 10
According to what I've read, Nothing can be faster than the speed of light according to Einstein. There is no experiment that has contradicted special relativity. They have accelerated sub-atomic particles up to 99 percent of the speed of light but not equal or exceeding the speed of light.