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@yourkl (585)
April 29, 2010 2:14am CST
I have seen many Amrica movies. But i have a question around me for a long time.Almost all the movies about love have sx . And in some comeday films, actors play jokes with sx . In my countey , sx is rarely be talked in public .Beacuse it's consided private. I can't understand people have sx as soon as they know each other only one or two days in the movie. I want to know if you talk about sx frequently in your life? And is it true that the movies situation widely happened in Amrican lives? Is it played very important role in people's life?
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@kedralynn (992)
• United States
29 Apr 10
Different cultures and different countries view it differently. In fact even in America different families have different views on the subject. It is VERY common in tv and movies around here. Also in magazines. My family is rather open on the subject too. We've talked about it growing up because my parents wanted me to be educated about the physical and emotional aspects of making love. Yes I know many people who do sleep with people after just meeting them. I'm not one of those people as it's special to me and I want to only share it with someone special. I also know people who wait till marriage to do it. Personally, I make love to my partner and I'll talk about it sometimes. I'll joke about it with friends too. It's just really common around here I guess. But even tho we joke about it and see it on tv, it's still special to me. It's not something I'd take lightly or do with strangers.
@yourkl (585)
• China
29 Apr 10
Thank you for reply . Now I can undetstand more .ahhh