8 hours or 6 hours most of the persons usually sleeps...?

@siliguri (4225)
April 29, 2010 4:04am CST
Most of the persons usually sleeps 8hours or 6hours in one day..and i think it is standard time for sleeping and good for health..about me i usually takes 8 hour to sleep..What your story friends...?
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@sanjani (125)
• Germany
3 Jul 10
I also give 8 - 6 hours for sleeping in one day and it is good for health also. Sometimes it goes little more and less but basically i use to sleep 6-8hours.
@nehmer (609)
• Philippines
30 Apr 10
some people say that we need to sleep for 8 hrs a day but because i stay up too late in my computer i only have 5 hrs of sleep... hehe... but i bet that we need 12 hrs of sleep in order to recover ...
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
29 Apr 10
Yeah siliguri, we will be healthy and energetic after having a proper sleep of 6 to 8 hours. Actually we need how many hours of sleep is considered to be enough. I learn from articles saying that it depends on individual need. It doesn't how long we sleep as long as we feel as fresh as paint. I'm vigorous just having a six hour sound sleep the whole night without any dream or environmental disturbance. If I take too much drink before bedtime and have to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night, or the disgusting barking made by my neighbor's dogs, etc. I then need longer sleep like 8 hours or so. Happy posting
@phoenix8606 (4978)
29 Apr 10
hello siliguri! well, Iguess that the most of the people sleep 8 hours and not 6, because they just will feel to tired with only 6, but it is just a suggestion and we can'tknow it actually :)
@sukumar794 (5047)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
29 Apr 10
Five to six hours of sound and unperturbed sleep which is all that is required for a normal healthy adult. But one who suffers from chronic diseases should take care to have regular periods of sufficient sleep.
@qamarep (4448)
• Pakistan
29 Apr 10
the monks sleep 2.halfhours and you know they have better health then us i sleep 9 hours
• India
29 Apr 10
hello my friend how many hours of sleep you take but i take only 6 hours doctors suggest that you should take about 8 hours of sleep but i have got a hectic schedule so do not how many might of you sleep for that many work of hours doctors do sleep for about 8 hours of sleep and they do their work as a matter of fact in their own sense so nice question how many of sleep do you take my brother you might sleep for about 8 hours of sleep and some sleep only for about i wonder how they live so have a nice day
@picjim (3003)
• India
29 Apr 10
I sleep between 6-7 hours a day.I feel sleeping for 8 hours is ideal. We feel refreshed after 8 hours and are active and ready to do our dose of daily duties with renewed vigour.Anything less than 6 hours for a person like me makes me dull and slow.Its only when we have recharged our batteries that we are at our best and productive the next day.