how often do you sleep in class?

@vishkris (205)
April 29, 2010 5:50am CST
hi my lotters i hope this topic will be liked by you..many of us feel sleepy only durin the classes are so boring...when ever some teacher comes n lectures a drying topic i jus feel yawn n immediately sleeep..n more over by place is in last bench so in 5 minute i go to sleep...what about u?
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@annierose (18040)
• Philippines
29 Apr 10
hi vishkris, I understand you. Teachers who do much talking and never paying attention if his class is getting sleepy or not is a kind of boring teacher. However, I never attempt to sleep on the class no matter how boring the discussion is. I am always afraid of my teacher and I do not want them to mention my name if they caught me sleeping with their subjects. Sometimes, teachers are so ill tempered and I do not want my teacher to be annoyed with me because it might affect my grades.That is why I just look for strategy so I can stay awake no matter how boring the discussion is. Sometimes, I just approach my teacher and ask him if I can go to toilet. Walking around the school corridors make me feel awake somehow. Sometimes, I ask my seat mate to press my hands hard so to awaken my blood. Well, that is funny but that is what I always do just to keep myself awake.
@vishkris (205)
• India
29 Apr 10
but what will teacher say when u sleepy?u can say that u r not well na?
• China
3 May 10
May be 3-5 times i felt sleepy in my class. When i feel boring in my class then i play games to my cellphone. Whenever i feel sleepy then i leave my class room at break time and come to my room and sleep. Or i gossiping with my friend sometime play some silent games with my friend.
• Canada
30 Apr 10
As long as the lights are one i can stay awake and fight threw the tirdness, But once the lights go out and powerpoint comes on im instantly out cold. Not sure what it is because normally powerpoints are more interesting because you can dround out the profs voice and read it yourself but i can keep my eyes open. May be its the stairing into the little bit of light while sitting in the dark.