What is you passion and how you realize it?

April 29, 2010 10:40am CST
What is the purpose of your life? money, love, happiness, God ???? Whatever your purpose in life you have to have strategy to reach it. It is not easy to make purpose in our life because usually it come from passion, with passion you will naturally make strategy or set up the way to reach your passion and realization your purpose in life. What is you passion and how you realize it?
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• Philippines
2 May 10
my passion is to create happiness by things I could made by my hand.I want to be a fashion designer,a chef,and a businesswoman.my passion includes money,happiness,contentment,and spiritual gratitude.living with passion is the way to live life.when you are passionate about something,you learn a lot and continue to improve yourself.
• Indonesia
3 May 10
It is good having passion to create happiness, because happiness not only can be find by having much money or materialism in live but also by spiritually. In other way to create happiness you have to balance our life between spiritually and physically.
• Philippines
29 Apr 10
my passion is to serve. in serving others through various things, we gain accomplishment in life and were also serving god.
• Indonesia
30 Apr 10
That good to hear the you have passion to serve. There are so many kind you can serve start from human by helping other which need help, like elder people, or you can serve the people with disability, now the most important think you can sever people by taking care of the environment by not using to much tissue in you office.