A new aurora site with some special features.

@pierone (1895)
April 29, 2010 11:29am CST
Hello friends. I want share with you all a new aurora site that have some interesting features. You know that clicks on aurora sites have a really low worth, so it's usually really hard reach a payout, also if usually their payout is $1 or less. Well this site is different. First, you can request the payout starting from $0.01 via paypal. No fees. Second, I was be able to earn more than $0.03 in a single day, this means that you can request the payout daily, if you like. Third, I received my payment after few hours I've requested! The admin claims payments are done every 24 hours! More interesting the options on the referrals: you are paid 20% on your referrals earnings (where usually aurora sites pays 10%). BUT! you are paid on 2 referrals level! It means you will get the 20% commission also on the earning of the people referred by the people you've referred! And this sounds great. And you are paid $0.01 for each of your referral that will be active! Is not so much, but... is monthly! It means for each month your referral will be active, you will earn the 20% on his earning PLUS .01 because he's active. I found it really interesting. If you like to take a trial, the site is websiteimage.info. If you want see a payment proof, I've posted my paypal payment proof in my profile. Happyu earnings to all of us.
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