Cousin's troubled marriage

United States
April 29, 2010 5:17pm CST
I know divorce is a hard and difficult decision- which it should be- but there are times you want to shake someone and tell them to go ahead and divorce their spouse. Its a sad thing to say, but I want to scream it at my oldest cousin. He is in a mixed up marriage which was doomed from the start. His wife knew that he had a son before they got married, yet she refuses to spend anytime with the boy. Whenever the boy comes over to spend the weekend with his father, she sends them both away so he has to go to his parents' house to spend time with his own son. Mind you, the house my cousin and his wife are living in now are being paid for by my uncle and aunt. In this same house, she has designated the room above the garage as my cousin's room whenever she's angry at him. There have been times when she has kicked him out of the house all together so that he had to sleep on a friend's couch. Recently, though, my cousin has been offered a huge promotion at work if he would relocate to another state. At first, his wife refused to move with him. She didn't want to give up her life or her friends. So they began planning for him to move without her. Then he found out that he was going to get a huge boost in his paycheck with the move. All of a sudden, his wife is now apologizing for treating him wrongly. I don't know, maybe I'm a cynic, but the term gold digger pops into my head. As soon as she saw more money signs she starts being sweet. My cousin is now trying to talk his wife into being patient, claiming that if she moves with him, in two years he will have enough clout to move them back to the city. I don't know. Maybe I should just let it be. The family has advised him to get out of the marriage if he's unhappy, but keeps believing that if he can just be patient, things will work out between them. It's frustrating, but it is his life.
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