How to determine how much watt does my computer need?

United States
April 29, 2010 6:39pm CST
I am building a computer, but I am not sure do I need to buy a new power supply or I can use my old one. My old power supply is 300Watt.. My CPU is Athlon II X4 630, and the mobo is A760G mATX any suggestion are welcome
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@Vick77 (486)
• Mexico
1 May 10
I don't think is good idea to use 300W power supply with those processor, check here and you can calculate the power supply necessary for your new computer: The power supply power depends not only of the processor and motherboard, you have to take in count all the hardware, read carefully and choose the right options according to the hardware you have or plan to buy in the calculator. Good luck...
• United States
2 May 10
thanks for your reply. I am just wondering will it be a problem if I use a larger Watt's power supply on a computer which don't need so much power
@Vick77 (486)
• Mexico
2 May 10
That's a common doubt about the watts on a PSU, there's no problem, the watts indicated on a PSU are the maximum it can handle and the computer takes only the sufficient watts to function from it, so you have to choose a power supply with a little more than you really need, this is for ensure not to surpass its capacity. The problem is if you choose a PSU with less capacity that the computer needs, in this case the system going to shutdown suddenly, not be able to boot, or even could be damages of any hardware or the PSU itself. One more advice if you can, try to buy a PSU with active PFC, is more expensive but is so much better...
@qamarep (4449)
• Pakistan
30 Apr 10
ha ha ha why are you building your own computer .. why cant you just buy an old one if you dont afford it